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Über XML Sitemap Generator

If you own a website or a blog, you should know the importance of having your page indexed properly by Ask.com, Bing, Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. One of the many ways to ensure proper indexing of your page is to use XML Sitemap Generator.

What Is XML Sitemap?

Before we discuss what XML sitemap generator is, it is a must to tackle about what XML sitemap is. It is list of URLs for a certain site in an XML file form. It is also commonly called as Google sitemap considering the fact that it is Google that introduced it first.

There are a lot of things that XML sitemap allows you to do. First, it lets you include additional SEO-related information about a certain URL. Some of these are the date the page had been last updated, the owner of the page, the importance of the page and many more. Basically, it is just like a robot text in a different form.

Many people prefer the XML format for the purpose of making these pieces of information much easier to be accessed and be processed on applications, computers, systems and search engines.